Live Your Scientist Dream in Dish Life

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, whether it is in the gaming industry or in the medical field. But what if both of their advancements combined to form a compelling video game on steam cell research and its applications. Developer Pocket Sized Hands’ Dish Life gives you an inside peak on what it is like to run your own stem cell lab.

Players are put in the position of a researcher, where they have to nurture, feed and monitor incubated stem cells’ development. Your actions and experiments might very well lead to breaking discoveries in the world of medicine. Dish Life offers a unique artistic style, making it simple yet effective in delivering its message.

In Dish Life learn about the life of a stem cell researcher and further your scientific career by taking care of your very own stem cell lab. Deal with the real-world struggles and challenges that stem cell researchers face and make choices which affect the way you play.

Nurture, feed and give your stem cells care by completing complex interactions with your stem cell cultures. Unique interactions will allow you to care for and keep your stem cells alive. Discover new cell types by experimenting and differentiating your stem cells. Personalise your avatar and make them come to life in a unique and appealing papercraft art style

Dish Life is scheduled to release some time later this year for iOS, Android, and PC. For more information, feel free to visit the developer’s official website.

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