Cyberpunk Action Platformer Lazr Kickstarter Campaign Live


Lazr is an action cyberpunk platformer, where players have to escape the hands of evil corporation securities and protect the streets. The game initially caught the public’s eyes when its teaser went up on Twitter with its compelling cloth physics and non-stop futuristic guns firing in every direction.

Creator Garrick Campsey decided to turn this brief demo into a full game after the immense support, and wants the fans’ help in making it turn to reality. Lazr instantly sells itself as a video game for mechanically-gifted platformer fans who can manage sliding down ropes, mowing down waves of enemies, and clearing the way to their destination.

Lazr’s original concept came from a challenge posed by a fellow programmer to add verlet (dynamic motion simulation) cloth simulations into a platformer. A prototype was built, and it turned out to be so much fun, that a decision was made to turn it into a larger demo. A video recording of the demo went viral on Twitter, and a decision was made to make Lazr into a full fledged game. However, in order to achieve this goal, Lazr needs your support!

Feel free to go support Lazr’s Kickstarter campaign, and help make Campsey’s dream creation come true. As of the time of writing, it has already gathered over two thousand Dollars from its ten thousand initial goal.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peak on what you will get once it passes its goal.

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