The Pit: Infinity, going down – First Sip Review

The Pit: Infinity, is a looter-shooter. Which is to say that it is primarily an FPS game but with an emphasis on collecting items as you go. The game is developed by Kerberos Productions who also handle publishing.

Story 2.5/5

I was thinking of giving the story a higher rating. But to be honest, what is there is so thin I can’t call it above average. There is a brief explanation before you start the game (if you leave it play without skipping to the menu). Essentially some form of plague has spread and wiped out most of humanity. The remainder has traced the source back to a mysterious pit. However, the pit is filled with all sorts of dangerous creatures so it’s your job to journey down as far as possible and murder everything on the way. All this in hopes of finding the source and hopefully cure for the plague.

Once you start up a game you’re dumped onto a snowy planet. After traveling for a short time you find the elevator down to “the pit”. And then you head down and shoot a bunch of stuff. But the game doesn’t really explain anything, it just plops you in. If I didn’t read the small amount of text at the start I wouldn’t have known the purpose at all. But it doesn’t really matter, your objective is to keep going down to see how far down you can go.

The Pit: Infinity gameplay

Graphics 3/5

The Pit: Infinity looks…fine, I guess. Honestly, it’s nothing amazing, but at the same time, you can tell what things are. Some enemies and objects look quite detailed. While others, like character models, seem kind of plastic and lifeless. It looks as though the developers poured all their design efforts into the enemy designs. But that’s not a bad thing, seeing as you’ll likely be looking at enemies a lot more than at yourself or another player in multiplayer.

Based on screenshots there seem to be other biomes, such as a jungle planet. But in my time with the game, all I experienced were stark and boring metallic facilities. Each floor looked a lot like the previous which made exploration more about filling out the mini-map than actually looking at the level. I also experienced some terrible frame drops and lag that seem to be the norm from what I’ve been able to find. As a looter-shooter the first game I think of would be Borderlands, which has such a distinct art style to it. But The Pit: Infinity just ended up infinitely more bland by comparison.

The Pit: Infinity gameplay

Sound 2.5/5

Sound effects are adequate. They do what you’d expect, explosions, gunshots, punches, creature screams, and howls. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary or note-worthy. Compared to the music though the sound effects are amazing. But this would be because I couldn’t tell if there even was music. Calling it atmospheric would be a stretch. As it’s more like non-existent. I actually recorded about 40 minutes of game time for my YouTube channel and it took quite a lot of time to find anything that sounded like it could be a score in the game.

The lack of music could add to the atmosphere of the cold threatening facility. But the sound design would have had to be something special to cement it. The immersion is also sort of lost in multiplayer as you’ll normally be talking to the other player so some background tunes would be appreciated.

The Pit: Infinity gameplay

Gameplay 3/5

The Pit: Infinity is a combination of First Person Shooter and Rogue-Like. It’s not the first game to mix the genres. But is it the best one? No, not really. The game is mostly just fine. As mentioned earlier it shares some similarities with the Borderlands games, shooting guns, looting items, leveling up and seeing the damage numbers RPG style when you hit an enemy. The game also uses procedurally designed floors so each run will be different, and it has permadeath, if you fall then you have to start again. Hopefully with some more skill and knowledge. The problem here though is that it’s likely the mechanics will kill you before the enemies do.

Each floor has a lot of enemies, most of which feel very similar to each other. Some have ranged attacks and status effects, but a lot of them feel pretty similar. Then you have the dice roll for every attack, shots can hit normally, glace off the enemy or hit critically. There may be some stats somewhere to explain the chances but it feels very random without knowing. Whereas with Borderlands enemies have weak spots you can exploit for critical hits so it’s about skill not chance. Then you have ammo, it’s quite easy to run out of ammo even if you’re doing your best to conserve it just because there are so many enemies around. And then you have level-ups which give you stat distribution points, but there are so many stats to cover it makes level-ups really break up the flow of the action.

The Pit: Infinity gameplay


You can bring a few friends into the pit with you, which makes things a lot easier. With a second player, you can cover each other’s backs. You can also cover their weak points, such as one player focusing on mechanics while another focuses on medical stats, etc. But again I found most of my enjoyment was coming from playing with my friend not really from the game itself.


I wouldn’t say The Pit: Infinity is a bad game per se. But it really doesn’t do much that other better games aren’t already doing. Paired with technical issues like frame rate problems, controller not working for all functions and odd AI glitches. It really feels like an incomplete game but while it was in Early Access it had been moved into a full release prior to my time with it. Which is disappointing to say the list. There is real potential but the game needs more polish, optimization, and dare I say it, unique mechanics.

In this day and age, The Pit: Infinity is average, and average really just doesn’t cut it.

In Coffee Terms Muggy

In Coffee Terms

The Pit: Infinity in coffee terms is a weaker than normal straight black. There’s really nothing fancy about it, it’s been made by many cafes and baristas. And so it really needs some sort of hook, extra strength, a unique mug, cream on the top. Just something to set itself apart. But it doesn’t have these things, in fact, it probably has too much water making it weaker than most standard cups. It’s still coffee, you’ll still get a kick, but chances are it won’t stick with you, and you’ll likely not go back for more.

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