Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC Releases in February

Dead Cells
Dead Cells

Developer Motion Twin revealed the upcoming DLC expansion for their successful roguelike action platformer, Dead Cells: The Bad Seed. This marks the studio’s first paid downloadable content, following over a year of free updates and additions to the game. Since 2017, Dead Cells received over seventeen patches, and this one looks more promising than ever.

The Bad Seed expansion brings two new biomes to the title, the Arboretum, the Swamp, and The Heart of the Swamp. It introduces two new levels and a new boss to replace The Courtyard/Toxic Sewers and The Ramparts/Ossuary/Ancient Sewers. The studio clarified their decision on choosing to put a price tag for the first time on an expansion.

We’ve been releasing free updates for Dead Cells for over a year now. This paid DLC is designed to support that effort, allow us to expand the game even more and ensure that Motion Twin have the time they need to make their next game one they’ll be proud of and you’ll be stoked to play.

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed expansion releases on February 11th, priced at $5. Owners of Motion Twin’s title will receive a 10% discount, with those interested in purchasing the title getting a 10% slashed off the title and expansion.

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