Sci-Fi Isometric Shooter Beacon Gets New 2.5 Pathfinder Update


Developer Monothetic’s impressive roguelike shooter, Beacon, just received a significant overhaul update. The Pathfinder update brings the title to version 2.5. Beacon offers players a unique isometric dungeon crawling experience, where players gain DNA from their enemies alongside various collectibles along the way. All these are used to modify, upgrade, and unlock new weapons and equipment for your character.

The Pathfinder update introduces numerous new weapon variants, as per the list below, bringing the total available to over a hundred. Outside of the new additions, the UI interface received several changes and improvements, while the Pickups system got a complete overhaul from its current state. Other than that, more levels were added and multiple balance changes were made to mutations, crates, and more.

New Tinkered Weapon Variants

  • Sonic Shotgun Variant “Tidal Wave”
  • RotBlaster Variant “Siamese Twins”
  • LMG Variant “Double Tap”
  • Energy Blaster Variant “Sparky”
  • Energy Rifle Variant “Spray N’ Pray”
  • Laser Refractor Variant “Refactored Refractor”
  • Bone Bouncer Variant “Far Flung”
  • Bonesling Variant “Osteoblast”
  • Laser Carbine Variant “Last Word”
  • Remote Crossbow Variant “Quiverer
  • Stygian Hunter Variant “Hellhound”
  • Stygian Hammer Variant “Stonewall”

Let us know how you are enjoying Beacon following this significant update.

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