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Coromon is an upcoming monster training RPG. Developed and published by TRAGsoft the full release is scheduled for 2020. However, a playable demo is available now, so we sat down and played it. As this is a demo that doesn’t represent the final product and changes will be made, I will not be rating the aspects, just providing information on the current state.

Coromon gameplay


The story of Coromon shares a lot in common with other classic RPG titles. There are shades of Pokemon, including the main character about to embark on a journey involving collectible monsters. You even start the game by being woken up by your mother and going to visit a scientist who provides your starting Coromon. However, rather than a journey to collect badges and prove yourself as the best trainer out there. Coromon inducts your character into the technologically advanced organisation of Lux Solis. You join in sort of a research capacity in an effort to catalogue and learn more about the Coromon.

However, Coromon is a fully-fledged classic RPG inspired title. So that was never going to be the limit of your adventure. And as it happens an evil company is planning on releasing a dark power onto the world. One guess as to who can stop them. It’s nothing really ground-breaking for the genre, but the parts in the demo are well written and interesting enough for me to want to learn more.

Coromon Gameplay


The art in Coromon is a very detailed pixel art style. The level of detail is something that the classics the developers obviously love couldn’t hope to achieve. You have everything from a customizable main character to the host of Coromon to capture. It’s comparable to the Pokemon series and even looks better than the older titles (because again it just wasn’t possible to make the pixels look so good back then).

Overall, Coromon is a fantastic looking title for fans of retro pixel art. Some of the monster designs might feel pretty similar to some Pokemon. But honestly, there are so many Pokemon now that there is bound to be a lot of crossovers. Especially seeing as a lot of Pokemon are inspired by real things and popular Japanese mythology. Despite this, I still feel like the Coromon have a distinct enough feel to them to stand out.

Coromon Gameplay


Again Coromon looks to its idols for inspiration musically. And again Pokemon would be chief amongst these influences. While there might be valid comparisons to make between them again. I still feel like Coromon still stands out enough to be its own thing. The soundtrack is stated to have over 50 original pieces of music, with each area including battle music. Composed by Davi Vasc, who has composed soundtracks for all sorts of games.

Sound effects are also solid all around. From attack noises to the classic sound that plays when the dialogue text appears on the screen, everything is solid. It all fits in, sounds appropriate, and most of all good. What I really like about the sound design though is the Coromon’s voice clips. As per Pokemon, Coromon are only able to repeat their names or part of them. And they are quite fun to listen to. Time and the rest of the game will tell if they all hold up.

Coromon Gameplay


The immediate comparison here, like with most other aspects of the game would be Pokemon. The game revolves around collecting, training and battling monsters known as Coromon. Rather than Pokeballs, you use “spinners” to capture and keep the Coromon. You also have a special gauntlet and there is an emphasis on phones too, making the Coromon feel somewhere between Pokemon and Digimon. Battles take place in turn-based style, while you can store up to 6 Coromon on your team, the battles are one on one (but you can swap your Coromon out mid-battle).

Each Coromon has a series of moves it can learn, all with different effects and stats. However, unlike Pokemon where each move has a use limit, Coromon opts for the more traditional RPG SP meter, where each move has an associated SP cost and can be used as many times as required as long as the current SP amount is sufficient. If you run out of SP in battle you can recover it via items or resting.

Outside of battle you can explore, shop, and solve puzzles. All pretty standard for the genre, but again they are well implemented.


Coromon so far is a game that wears its influences on its sleeves. The main one being Pokemon obviously. It’s hard for a monster collecting RPG to not be compared to such a huge franchise. But then you have things like the healing center you can take your Coromon to that also has a PC that stores the Coromon you can’t hold. The head honcho from Lux Solis is named after a tree much like Professor Oak. These are just a few small things that come to mind based on the demo.

But I wouldn’t call Coromon a clone or a cash-grab because there is just too much effort and love put into it. I would say it is more of a love letter, to Pokemon yes but to other classic RPGs as well. There are shades of a lot of classic titles in this demo. But overall it still feels like its own thing enough to warrant it’s existence. It’s a well made and very fun game and I look forward to hopefully sharing a review for the full game someday.

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