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Doors of Insanity Gameplay

What do we know so far?

Who are behind Doors of Insanity?

The team behind Doors of Insanity are developers Oneshark. Oneshark is a small (3 person) team who were behind games like Chicken Assassin, Forbidden Clicker Pary and a few games we’ve covered recently including Great Hero’s Beard and XP Girls. The game is still heavily in development and Oneshark are actively seeking a publisher for the title.

What kind of game will it be?

Shifting a bit from their previous projects, Doors of Insanity is set to be a full card-based turn-based RPG. It will likely contain more than a few of their trademark elements. But it will also be breaking new ground for the small team.

Where will we find it?

Much like the rest of the Oneshark catalogue, Doors of Insanity is scheduled for a PC release. However, Chicken Assassin did eventually see a console release for PS4, XboxOne and Nintendo Switch. So only time and demand will tell for sure.

When can we get it?

The release is scheduled for 2020. Oneshark are actively working on the game and more information will be available as the game becomes closer to completion. Access to early test builds can be obtained by contributors to their Patreon account if you absolutely can’t wait (and I don’t blame anyone that falls into this category).

Doors of Insanity gameplay

More info required!

Doors of Insanity is set to use the developer’s trademark hand-drawn animation and art style. However, it will be more ambitious than before with more amazingly detailed 3D animated sequences. The team will be folding in a lot of the elements they have mastered in their previous games. And they are also very active with their community, requesting and implementing feedback and suggestions to make the best possible game. Link to their Discord server can be found on their official website which will be listed below.

In short, Doors of Insanity is a promising indie developer’s most ambitious project to date. And it’s shaping up quite nicely so far. There will be random elements, like events hiding behind the doors. Tactical elements like selecting which cards to use. And a mixture of deck and equipment building that will set this game apart as one for hardcore fans of the genre, and more casual fans of quality games in general.

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

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