LudoNarraCon 2020 Dates Have Been Announced

The fine folks at indie publisher Fellow Traveller have announced the dates for their online convention LudoNarraCon from 24th-27th April. This marks the second year the convention has been run with a packed lineup of narrative games being shown.

Curiously this is one convention that eschews physical form, instead bathing in the digital ether of the internet. Games are showcased by their developers live on Steam taking up the main stage on the event landing page. Throughout the event there will be a sale on Steam for up to 50 of these story-rich games.

Fellow Traveller as a publisher focus on the more story oriented games in the indie landscape. With this convention being organised by them you can expect to see a host of titles from their own catalogue. Also involved are developers Kitfox Games with their highly anticipated Boyfriend Dungeon and the indie publisher No More Robots.

Yes Your Grace will be at LudoNarraCon this year ahead of its release.

As with last year there will panels of developers and influencers (yet to be announced) talking about issues pertinent to narrative game development. Last year saw such luminaries as Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games and Nina Freeman.

Most importantly about LudoNarraCon is its focus on accessibility. The entire event is free to watch on steam and will eventually be uploaded to their YouTube channel. Though similar narrative focused conventions like AdventureX carry a physical footprint with developers travelling to the UK to give talks. Though these are uploaded after the convention the magic of being there and meeting people is lost after the fact. It will be interesting to see how Fellow Traveller will engage with participants online.

Of late it’s been amazing to see specific channels, influencers and curated pages light up the internet on indie games. But even within that specific genres are rarely celebrated in such a focused and specialised way. From showcasing the narrative delights of 2019, LudoNarraCon also looks ahead to what 2020 will bring.

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