Bee Management Sim Hive Time Receives New Trailer

hive time 1

Ever dreamt of having your own bee hive to grow and produce honey? You always hear about how complicated the process is and the intricate details you have to pay attention to keep them healthy and energetic to produce quality honey. Well, this is exactly the experience Hive Time offers.

The developer describes it as a ” bee themed management/base building sim.” Players are in charge of nurturing a bee hive, with all its commitments. Hive Time puts you in charge of gathering and allocating resources, setting up the hive’s hierarchy, and expanding your honey kingdom. The following is a brief description of the title’s features and mechanics.

Build a hive, make some honey! Hive Time is a small, bee themed management/base building sim. Harvest resources, grow your hive, and produce a new Queen before the current one dies.

Manage different bee roles in a totally scientifically inaccurate depiction of hive dynamics. Send Foragers out to find pollen and nectar, have Builders research new cell types, and ensure you have enough Beesitters to raise the next generation of bees.

Hive Time is currently available for download on for various PC operating systems. Make sure to check out the title’s trailer below. In other news, you can check out indie titles on sale for the week.

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