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Those Who Remain Gameplay

What do we know so far?

Who are behind Those Who Remain?

Those Who Remain is being developed by Camel 101. This game will be their fourth title on Steam and the first in about four years. Their earlier releases were a lot closer together however, so it seems like they have been putting in a lot of work on making this title their best yet. Publishing duties are being shared between Wired Productions and WhisperedGames.

What kind of game will it be?

Those Who Remain is set to be a psychological horror game. The feel of the images would suggest a Silent Hill or Resident Evil vibe, with maybe a little Alan Wake thrown in for good measure. However, the game will be a first-person POV title rather than a survival horror experience making it closer in gameplay to Outlast, Resident Evil 7 or Layers of Fear (most of which made our best indie horror of the decade list).

Where will we find it?

The game is looking for a wide release on not just PC but also Mac and all major consoles. So whether you want to be scared on PS4, XboxOne, Steam or even Nintendo Switch you’ll be set. Utomik subscribers will also have reason to be excited with the game scheduled to be added to their lineup after launch too.

When can we get it?

Based on the Steam page and official site, the developers are aiming for a Q1 2020 release. So it shouldn’t be long now.

Those Who Remain Gameplay

More info required!

Those Who Remain is a first-person psychological horror game that takes place in a sleepy little town called Dormont. But the sleepy little town harbors a darkness, as do a lot of the inhabitants. You’ll be placed in control of an amoral character with a wife, daughter and an illicit mistress. The game takes place as your character tries to end the affair, only time will tell how much of the game is happening, is there supernatural play at work? Is the darkness a manifestation of poor choices and mental disease?

The game will use a mechanic not unfamiliar to the horror genre, one that will see you constantly searching for light to avoid the darkness and the horrors within. In classic Silent Hill fashion, you’ll need to journey through Dormont and its dark otherworldly counterpart to solve the mysteries of the town, the inhabitants, and maybe even yourself.

You’ll need to face many horrors to survive the night, and try your best to hold onto your sanity.

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

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