Drill Man Rumble, drill-tastic – Still Brewing

Drill Man Rumble gameplay

What do we know so far?

Who are behind Drill Man Rumble?

Drill Man Rumble is developed by Hunter Studio, it is their second game on Steam after 2016 hit Lost Castle. Just like Lost Castle Drill Man Rumble is being published by Another Indie. Along with Elden, Jack Axe and a few more titles, Another Indie are in for a big year.

What kind of game will it be?

The game is set to be a party game and a melee brawler. Based on the concept of drill-wielding characters that can use their magnificent drills to propel themselves through the air. But that’s not all, they can also defeat each other with their mighty drills. Gain power-ups to use and even ride the mythical Drill-Agons. From the trailer and available information, it comes across as being most similar to Hookbots. However, with drills instead of hooks and a whole new cast of drill-wielding heroes/villans/drill enthusiasts.

Where will we find it?

Like most Another Indie published titles, Drill Man Rumble is set for a wide release. Expect the game not only on PC but also PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One too.

When can we get it?

When the game was announced a 2020 release was scheduled. As we’ve entered the year the estimate has not changed. The official Steam Page (link listed below) advises that it will be “Sometime in the near future”. So get your drill charged up and ready to go if you’re interested.

Drill Man Rumble gameplay

More info required!

So far from the information available Drill Man Rumble sounds like a hodge-podge of awesome. As mentioned earlier it has a few Hookbots like elements. A one-hit kill mechanic like Guntastic or Duck Game. A melee platformer/brawling mechanic like Super Smash Bros. Large cartoon words that feel kind of like the Persona games. And even a more refined art-style than their previous game Lost Castle.

The game will include various gameplay modes and I’ll let the feature list from their Steam page speak for them here:


  • Classic, super intense Arena Mode for up to 4 players.
  • Unlock the secrets of the drill in a story campaign and bring a friend along!
  • Get rich in the endless bounty mode and hunt down the richest player to fill your coffers.
  • Take your drilling to the next level (literally) in hardcore platforming levels!
  • Create your own maps with our online map editor.

But the main takeaway for me is that it looks like it will be a ton of fun. And for a party game, the fun factor is absolutely paramount.

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

Drill Man Rumble Links

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1072910/Drill_Man_Rumble/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DrillManRumble
Publisher: https://anotherindie.com/

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