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Chicken Assassin: Reloaded is the story of Mean Mcallister and Oneshark Games. You might remember Oneshark as the team behind, Great Hero’s Beard, XP Girls and the upcoming Doors of Insanity among others. Chicken Assassin was the debut game by Oneshark games, and what a debut it is. Publishing for the game came from Akupara Games.

Chicken Assassin Reloaded gameplay

Story 4/5

Mean Mcallister is a chicken. But he’s not a coward, no, I mean he is a large anthropomorphic chicken man (shouldn’t he be a rooster?). Well anyway, Mean Mcallister has a girlfriend, the beautiful Candy who seems to be just a regular human (getting some Howard the Duck vibes now). They are happy together, I mean who wouldn’t be with either a musclebound chicken man or busty babe depending on preference. However, this ain’t no romance story. The evil Spritzel and his equally evil henchman kidnap poor Candy. So Mean Mcallister cries for a while, goes to the police and then starts regular therapy sessions to relieve his grief…LIKE HELL HE DOES! Mean Mcallister actually does the only logical thing there is. He punches everyone he can find, gets way better loot and continues to mow down jerks till he gets his babe back.

Is the story paper-thin? Of course, it is. But it’s charming, funny and most importantly it supports the gameplay instead of getting in the way. There are no stretches of exposition to wade through, just one Chicken beating up a bunch of weirdos for his girl. In a way, it’s a lot like the classic Mario storyline. Girl exists, evil guy kidnaps her, hero saves the day. Short, simple, classic.

Chicken Assassin Reloaded gameplay

Graphics 5/5

The art was one of the first things that made me interested in the game. That and the amazing trailer video which I’ll place below because it’s worth checking out. But I digress. Oneshark games always have pretty great art and Chicken Assassin is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the best looking games in their collection. There are two main styles the team use, the first is the rubber hose animation style like classic cartoons or Cuphead. The second is sort of an oil-painted style that looks a bit more like Zoink Games, except even that’s not right. It’s hard to describe but it looks great and Chicken Assassin: Reloaded uses this second style.

Mean Mcallister is a pretty great design already, looking like Rambo and Foghorn Leghorn got caught in the teleporters from The Fly. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even dress him up too. There are all sorts of costumes including a lot of references to pop culture. Even some cameo items from YouTuber’s like Markiplier, Jackscepticeye, and PewDiePie. However, it’s not just Mean Mcallister that looks great, there are also the minions and bosses that are varied and just fantastic. Some are funny, some are genuinely creepy and some are just badass. Oneshark really knocked it out of the park on this one.

Chicken Assassin Reloaded gameplay

Sound 4/5

If you’ve played a few Oneshark games like I have then you’d know what to expect from the sound-design. Both the music and sound effects are pretty standard for their games. Especially the sound effects. But it’s not a problem, for one thing, this was their first game so the effects were fresh. And secondly, they sound good, fit well and you can turn them down or off if you want to. The music is different from the other games but a very similar style to Great Hero’s Beard. Again it’s not bad, fits well and you can turn it down or off if you want.

The opening of the game is voiced, with a weird post-effect voice but it sounds pretty cool. And importantly the words are on screen for those who can’t understand what’s being said. The main thing is that I spent over 8 hours on the game and I never got sick of either the sound or the music, which says a lot.

Chicken Assassin gameplay

Gameplay 5/5

Gameplay in Chicken Assassin: Reloaded is pretty basic. But it works so well. While it bears some resemblance to Great Hero’s Beard, it operates more like a clicker game. The style of game I would refer to as an “active clicker” game. While idle/clicker games are generally set up so that clicking is supplemental to the idle over time damage or earnings. Chicken Assassin has no idle aspects to fall back on (well you do gain a pet later but you can’t really rely on them). You click to make Mean Mcallister attack the enemies, the faster you click the faster he attacks. You also need to make sure you click on the right side of the screen for who you want to attack and you can target particular enemies by focusing your clicks on them.

Enemies come in waves and once they are defeated the next wave will come in. Eventually, you’ll face a boss or miniboss who generally have a much larger health pool and inflict more damage on you. Defeating a mission or even losing one will grant you XP which increases your level and stats. It will also provide souls that act as a currency and loot which can either be sold for souls or equipped to buff your stats. Victory in a mission will unlock the next mission, which will have stronger enemies but the rewards will be improved as well. And once you finish the missions you unlock endless mode which is exactly as it sounds.

The game also has an in-game achievement list for things like the number of clicks, amount of items sold, etc. and awesomely they have in-game rewards, mostly in the form of extra souls, but hey, it’s free money. Some of them also unlock cosmetic items which again buff your hero making them pretty cool.

Chicken Assassin boss raids


For a debut game, Chicken Assassin: Reloaded is incredibly impressive. The fact that Oneshark are a three-person team, even more impressive. But the main reason I think this game is amazing is that I haven’t played it since I 100% completed it back in July of 2018 and not only did I still fondly remember the game when I booted it back up to refresh myself for the review. I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Between my YouTube Channel and writing for this site I play a lot of games a little bit. But Chicken Assassin: Reloaded was a game I could not put down. I played it until I unlocked everything and then I played it a little more just because I loved it so much.

Honestly, I would give the game 5’s across the boards if I was just going by my personal taste. But even looking at things more objectively like I try to do, it still rates very well. And that’s because it’s just a good game. It’s fun, silly and entertaining. I do recommend an auto-clicker if you want to save your mouse (and your fingers), but it’s totally beatable without one.

In Coffee Terms

In Coffee Terms Muggy

Chicken Assassin in coffee terms is like a fun little mochaccino. At first, you think hey that looks good, then you take a sip and think oh it tastes good too. But after a while, you think the chocolately taste will become a bit too much. However, it never really seems too. It’s consistently delicious and surprisingly full for such a small cup. I’d recommend trying it for yourself as soon as possible before the hipsters find it and take over.

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