Black Mesa Steps Out of Early Access Next Week

black mesa
black mesa

The much-wanted Half-Life remake Black Mesa finally leaves Steam’s Early Access program after long five years of waiting. Developer Crowbar Collective already has the game at a playable state, with players enjoying it for years alongside continuous content, performance, and bug updates.

Crowbar Collective boss Adam Engles went through an extensive Steam blog post on how Black Mesa came to fruition, its development, the struggles, the updates, and expressed his excitement over what the future holds. However, releasing the game officially to the public and bringing its version up to 1.0 doesn’t mean it is a perfect game. The development studio promises to continuously detect and work on improving Black Mesa after its release.

Through luck, hard work, and maybe a bit of ignorance we didn’t shy away from our goal of bringing this game to completion. We are proud of what we built. We think this upcoming 1.0 release is the best, most polished, and most fun version of the game yet. The anticipation and excitement around our project is beyond flattering.

This is not to downplay, or make excuses, but as the person who drafts most of these media posts, I think it is important to break away from the marketing and the ‘hype.’ Before Astroneer launched, they made a blog post about managing expectations for their game, and it really resonated with me, and inspired me to someday write a post like this one. We are super excited to have Black Mesa be ‘complete,’ but acknowledge it is not perfect and won’t ever be perfect.

Black Mesa launches on March 5th for Steam. What do you think of the title’s full release? Are you excited for it?

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