Bloodroots, Mr. Wolf – Still Brewing

Bloodroots Gameplay

What do we know so far?

Who are behind Bloodroots?

The team who are both developing and publishing Bloodroots are Paper Cult. Bloodroots will be their second major release after the brawler/puzzle hybrid game Fat Mask. Which was also self-published.

What kind of game will it be?

Bloodroots is set up as a fast-paced action-packed over the top action game. In the spirit of games like Hotline Miami, Season’s Beatings and even Superhot to an extent. Mr. Wolf dies in one hit, so do his enemies (with the exclusion of bosses). The world is your weapon to an extent as Mr. Wolf is able to weaponize not only traditional weapons such as swords but even things like ladders, pieces of fences, wheels and much more.

Where will we find the game?

Bloodroots is coming to both PC and consoles. And that’s all the major consoles, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and XboxOne. In terms of the PC release, it appears the game will be coming to Epic games first under a timed exclusivity deal before eventually making its way over to Steam.

When can we get it?

The wait is not at all long for this one. The game is scheduled to be available on consoles on the 28th of February. It is even listed in our New Switch Nindies this week list. And it is confirmed on the official Twitter (link below). However, Epic Games are listing the game’s availability on the 29th of February. Either way, it’s not long now, unless you’re holding out for a Steam release which has no date confirmed but will likely end up about 6 months later placing it in August.

Bloodroots gamepay

More info required!

Bloodroots is a game set in the weird west. Mr. Wolf the character you play as is a human who wears a wolf pelt, from the trailer it seems like most of his main enemies adopt a similar fashion, so seemingly they will be named things like Mr. Fox and Mr. Bear, etc. The basic story of the game is that Mr. Wolf was betrayed and left for dead so now he’ll cut a swathe of bloody vengeance until he finds his betrayer. Simple, elegant, timeless, the story may sound familiar because it’s the setup of countless films, books, and other media. But it’s a popular framework because it works. Just like the simple Princess has been stolen setup from the Mario games. However, with these basic story templates, it’s really the story and style placed on top that matters.

Gameplay-wise I mentioned a few games before such as Hotline Miami and Superhot. However, Bloodroots is looking to be a sort of combination of those games with its own flavor. Either way, the game is shaping up to be one of the best action experiences you could hope for. With the trailer showing crazy things like throwing a piece of fencing at an enemy and then grabbing their weapon out of the air to use on the next enemy. It looks fast-paced, fluid and most importantly fun. While we’ll still need to have a hands-on experience to see how user-friendly it will be it looks like the kind of game where watching high level play will be worthwhile in and of itself.

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

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