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Much like the recent Coromon article, Resolutiion is an upcoming game. However, where the demo for Coromon was open to the public Resolutiion was sent to us by the marketing team for preview. As the game is a demo for a game still in production I won’t be assigning number ratings. However, I will provide an overview of the current state of the game based on this demo. The game is developed by Monolith of Minds an indie team formed by two German brothers. And published by Deck13, Mayflower and WhisperGames.

Resolutiion Gameplay


To be honest, as I played the demo I was not really sure of the story. I spoke with a few NPC’s, some of the dialogue appearing to confirm I was going the right way. But the overarching story I couldn’t really follow. To begin with you are told that there are armed rebels you need to take down. Once you fumble your way over there a weird spirit guy says some stuff about you being a puppet. Then you take down a boss and explore further. A guy is trying to save his friends. Or rather he is standing still and tells you that you can turn off 3 steam pipes to save them. But this is also how you get to the next area so it’s not really optional. Then the same spirit from before (I think), makes another reference to you being controlled.

In between a weird AI thing with you says a bunch of computer terms.

In all fairness, I probably could have gotten more information at the start. But I wasn’t sure how to interact with the NPC’s and ended up killing a few. While a lot of the dialogue was peppered with technobabble or otherwise confusing. I feel like there is something going on there. Something that would open up as the game progresses. But that being said, an opening few lines of dialogue or a skippable intro scene wouldn’t go astray.

Resolutiion Gameplay


Resolutiion is an interesting game with a mixture of detailed and vague art. The game uses pixel art that reminds me of Songbringer or the also upcoming Elden. Most areas are fairly dense with rocks, metal and plenty of other things strewn about through them. It does occasionally make navigation difficult but mostly the paths are easy enough to spot. The main character which is a robot, looks a little like a thinner version of the Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter but again with less detail. Actually the art style, in general, has a lot of Hyper Light Drifter in it.

When you hit I think a certain type of plant the screen goes nuts. And by nuts I mean that everything turned blue and red, the screen goes wavy, and just for good measure the controls reverse. It’s a really cool looking effect but it does make the game a nightmare to play when you don’t know what’s happening or how to avoid it. There are also other screen effects like a screen shake that occurs in a factory area when the pistons are pumping.

Resolutiion Gameplay


By far for me, the sound is the strong point of Resolutiion. The soundtrack is filled with 80’s inspired dark synth music, that really compliments the visuals and the gameplay. In fact, it’s so ingrained with the gameplay that the music can tell you what is happening even without you checking. What I mean by this is that the music increases in intensity when battle breaks out, and even more when you fight mini-bosses or full-scale ones. Even in a fight the music will amp up as the fight gets more intense, and it slows down and becomes somewhat muffled when you are close to death. It’s an interesting effect that works really well to maximize the feelings the game is trying for.

Sound effects are similarly well-handled. My favorite sound being when you accelerate for a while as it comes with a satisfying noise that implies speed. But the other sounds like launching attacks, explosions, a mini-boss that collides with walls and the following boss that screams all stand out as well.

Resolutiion Gameplay


Now we come to gameplay, the aspect of the game that works the least for me. Resolutiion is an action-adventure game, you walk around, attack, dash and eventually pick up new items to use as well.

What doesn’t work for me though is the lack of explanation. When you start the game some NPC’s have circles around them so it looks like you can talk to them but none of the buttons starts the dialogue. In fact, you can actually attack them so they run away by mistake. It turns out that you just need to wait in the blue circle until it registers and they talk to you. Then there are points with what appear to be QR codes or maybe barcodes, it turns out they are respawn points but you don’t really know until you die. The game has a map which is welcome, but it’s very basic and somewhat difficult to navigate at times.

It’s mostly best to either hit and run or try to shoot enemies from a distance. But it doesn’t always work out, especially when an area is crawling with enemies. There are also plenty of times where a projectile enemy only had a small pathway to get to them and I never worked out an efficient way to avoid them and attack. I also found that sometimes my robot would move back when attacking. That kind of helps with the hit and run tactics but it threw me off because most games the character would move forward not back. And then there is the fact that I couldn’t be sure when it would or would not happen.

I also had issues when projectile enemies were near ladders because you are completely defenseless when climbing.



This is a difficult game for me, it has elements I like as well as elements I hate. There is something missing from making this a really good game, but at the same time, there is enough going on that I can’t hate it. And it is well-made for the most part (I had an issue where I got killed and respawned in the climbing animation so I had to climb around defenseless until I found an actual ladder to cling onto and get back off of).

I wish I understood the story better, but I feel like there is definitely something there. Really the main things I would love to see in the game are an easier to read map, more instruction/explanation and boss/enemy health meters. However, those are mostly personal preferences. Just because the game makes some choices I don’t care for doesn’t make it a bad game. And I feel like a lot of people will really enjoy the full release when it comes out.


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