6 Indie Games Out on Switch This Week

6 indie games

Oh, man. The week is finally here! For Switch owners, this is an exciting time where Animal Crossing fans are finally getting the game they have been begging for, and it looks amazing! But there are other titles on the horizon this week as well. Together, let’s take a look at 6 Indie Games Out on Switch This Week. My name is Jason, and let’s do this!

Deep Diving Adventures – Mon, March 16

Deep Diving Adventures an education simulator made by Jujubee. Submerge yourself in this amazing diving simulator and discover what is beneath you in the ocean’s deep. There is a bit of a story, but this game puts you in the helm of a deep-sea diver going out and learning. If you are up for a relaxing experience in the ocean, this looks great!

US – $19.99
UK – £15.99
EU – €19,99

La-Mulana 1 & 2 – Tues, March 17

La-Mulana 1 & 2 are two brilliant and brutally difficult indie games from Undefined and published by NIS America. The first one, especially, is a classic on the indie scene, and the second one is a continuation of the first. They are quite difficult, but they can be a lot of fun if you enjoy a challenge. You can check out my review here if you need to learn more!

US – $14.99 & $24.99
UK – £13.49 & 22.49
EU – €14,99 & 24,99

Explosive Jake – Wed, March 18

Explosive Jake is a classic-style puzzle game by Sometimes You. You play as a cute skeleton trying to make your way out of a dungeon by solving puzzles and escaping dangerous situations. Help him to avoid enemies and blow his way out of this awful place!

US – $4.99
UK – £4.49
EU – €4,99

Dezatopia – Thurs, March 19

Dezatopia is an exciting new shoot-em-up by Hanaji Games. This is going to be a massive pick up for anyone that loves the genre! There are 24 different stages, 21 bosses to fight, and 21 different routes to take throughout the game. You can even upgrade your ship and apply lots of customization options.

US – $15.99
UK – £14.39
EU – €15,99

Seabed – Thurs, March 19

Seabed is a visual novel by Paleontology and published by Fruitbat Factory. It is a critically acclaimed visual novel and will be one to keep an eye out for if you are a lover of this genre. You follow three different characters living their own lives but they are seeking the same goal; to separate truth from illusion and to make sense of their own lives.

US – $19.99
UK – £17.99
EU – €19,99

Pooplers – Fri, March 20

Pooplers is a multiplayer party game by Art Games Studio and published by Ultimate Games. Forget about Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal. This is the game everyone should be talking about on March 20th! Get ready to blow your minds in the brilliant party game about covering wherever you are in poop. This instant classic is sure to blow our minds and win all the awards!

US – $8.99
UK – £8.09
EU – €8,99

There Are Your Nindies!

There are your 6 Indie Games Out on Switch This Week. I am obviously excited for Pooplers, since that is clearly going to be GOTY 2020. But other than that, La-Mulana on the Switch is a definite! How about you guys? What are you looking forward to?

Tune in again each and every week on Sip Read Repeat for your next dose of indies as well as previews, reviews, and more! Enjoy this last week of February. Happy gaming, everyone!

6 switch games
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