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Timelie Gameplay

What do we know so far?

Who are behind Timelie?

Timelie is a game both developed and published by Urnique Studios. It will be their debut game on Steam. However, they are not completely new to the world of gaming or development. Urnique is a small studio based in Thailand and besides their internal project Timelie, they also act as a “work for hire studio”. Not only do they work on games but also mobile apps and even websites. So they might be relatively new to the world of game design, however, they aren’t completely without experience.

What kind of game will it be?

The game is set to be a largely isometric view puzzle game with stealth elements. The game will also be a co-operative single-player game. With the player able to control both characters to solve the various puzzles.

Where will we find it?

As both a debut project and a solo published game, Timelie is currently only set for a Windows PC release. However, if the game performs well they may look into porting the game over to consoles. But nothing is for certain at this stage.

When can we get it?

As Urnique Studios work as developers for hire as well as working on Timelie there is no confirmed release date. The game was the recipient of a best in gaming award in 2016 in a software competition called Imagine Cup held by Microsoft. So with the assumption that enough of the game was completed in 2016 to receive an award, it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

Timelie Gameplay

More info required!

As the name of the game might imply Timelie is a game that revolves around time. Specifically, it revolves around the manipulation of time via a timeline. The timeline looks much like you’d see on a media player for either film or music, allowing you to rewind and fast-forward the level at will. Rewinding will allow you to change the past and correct mistakes. While fast-forwarding will be used to plan out how to proceed through a puzzle.

In addition to this mechanic, there is the previously mentioned single-player co-op gameplay. In the game, you will control both a lost little girl and her feline companion. However, they both share the same timeline so you’ll need to plan for both characters simultaneously to beat the levels. The game uses an interesting art style that falls between low-poly and detailed. Quite similar to STONE, however, using an isometric camera rather than a freely moving 3rd person perspective. The game is also set in an interesting abstract world filled with vibrant surreal visuals reminiscent of Superliminal. It’s an overall interesting looking project, to say the least.

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

Timelie Links

Website: https://www.urniquestudio.com/
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1150950/Timelie/
Twiiter: https://twitter.com/UrniqueStudio

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