NVidia GeForce Now is a Fantastic Product but…

PC gaming has always had a big barrier for me. I never knew if my PC can run a desired game, there’s never enough storage, and it always bothered me that I wasn’t running the best possible version of what the developer intended. However, GeForce Now has really changed that.

GeForce NOW is a streaming service that works with your Steam library. It can stream the games that are available on its ever-growing list in amazing quality. And what’s powering its servers has top of the line graphics cards and set ups to make 4K gaming possible on a mid-range PC. Now, this sounds like an ad, but I promise I haven’t been given any money to talk about this.

What I will talk about is the disappointing news of game developers and publishers dropping out of the service. It’s a shame that NVidia did not ask the creators to put the game up on their systems; they just added them on without permission. The Long Dark, for example, was dropped from Nvidia GeForce NOW (via PC Gamer). For indie devs, this could be especially distressing, but I’d like to argue that this could be a fantastic opportunity. For people like me or those with or even without lower-end PCs, this will make their games even more accessible; you can even play streamed games on your phone with an official app.

For games like Rainbow Six Siege, I can competently play with my friends online with quick reaction time. With Early Access games, I can optimize the settings to the max with little fear of the game crashing. GeForce NOW can make indie games look stunning.

With GeForce NOW being a paid service, it is problematic that indie devs aren’t being compensated or even being consulted about their game being available. However, as a payment has already been made on Steam, I would like to play my game in the way I would like it to be. I’m frustrated I can’t play DOOM on the service now, for example. Now I have to download this huge file on my PC and then hope it runs okay. I hope Nvidia can get their act together with consulting game companies because this technology is a fantastic compliment for PC gamers on a budget.

Have you used the service yet? Let us know in the comments below! You can also check out my recent article on the best indie FMV games you can play right now. All of them are available on PC!

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