6 Indie Games Out on Switch This Week

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Wow. The world is in a crazy situation right now, huh? The coronavirus has caused all kinds of global problems and is preventing so many of us from carrying out our normal, everyday activities. It is with resistance that I say this, but thankfully we have our Switch to keep us occupied during these trying times. Here are 6 indie games out on Switch this week! Hopefully, these 6 indie games can help alleviate some of the stress this pandemic has caused.

The Complex – Tues, March 31

The Complex is an interactive sci-fi thriller movie from Wales Interactive. After a major bio-weapon attack on London, two scientists find themselves in a locked-down laboratory with time, and air, running out. With choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay, your actions and your relationship with other characters will lead you to one of eight suspenseful endings. How will you handle such a panicking situation?

US – $12.99
UK – £9.99
EU – €12,99

Chapeau – Tues, March 31

Chapeau is a multiplayer party game by Salt Castle Studio. Party hats go head-to-head in this wild game. Bounce, float and zoom through the air in this bizarre and frantic party game that sets to remind us of the good ol’ couch co-op days. For those simply looking for a good time, Chapeau has the goods!

US – $14.99
UK – £12.99
EU – €14,99

Stones of the Revenant – Tues, March 31

Stones of the Revenant is an action platformer from ChickenCat Games. It is inspired by retro arcade beat-em-ups, as well as classic action platformers. The result is a fun-looking title that can hark the days of old. You can even play this little gem in co-op! Sadly, I could not find information and pricing for the UK and EU, but I assume it will release alongside the US or at least shortly after.

US – $9.99

Totally Reliable Delivery Service – Wed, April 1

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a silly multiplayer simulation game by We’re Five Games and published by tinyBuild Games. It is simply a chaotic open-world game where you are tasked with delivering packages through any means necessary in a given amount of time. It is fun to play alone, but it is magical to play with friends. I enjoyed this at the Tokyo Game Show last year and had a blast with it! Great little party game.

US – $14.99
UK – £13.49
EU – €14,99

Curious Expedition – Thurs, April 2

Curious Expedition is a digital board game of sorts by Maschinen Mensch. It is a roguelike expedition simulation set in the late 19th century. You take the roles of various historical personalities and venture towards unexplored regions on a quest for fame, science, and fortune! How will you fare in this intense game?

US – $14.99
UK – £13.49
EU – €14,99

In Other Waters – Fri, April 3

In Other Waters is an adventure game by Jump Over the Age and published by Fellow Traveler. This game was the winner of the Indiecade 2019 Jury Prix Award. You play as an Artificial Intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful alien ocean. In this non-violent sci-fi story, enter a world of wonder, fear, and vulnerability, unraveling the history and ecology of an impossible planet. What will you discover together?

US – $14.99
UK – £13.49
EU – €14,99

There Are Your Nindies!

There are your 6 Indie Games Out on Switch This Week. I am excited for a couple of these, actually, particularly Stones of the Revenant. That seems quite fun! How about you? Let us know in the comments below!

Tune in again each and every week on Sip Read Repeat for your next dose of indies as well as previews, reviews, and more! Enjoy this last week of February. Happy gaming, everyone!

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