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Snake Core gameplay

What do we know so far?

Who are behind Snake Core?

Snake Core is being both developed and published by Orangepixel. The game will be his (Orangepixel is a one-man team) tenth title on Steam. Following various other titles such as Gunslugs, Heroes of Loot and Meganoid among others over the past 5 years.

What kind of game will it be?

Snake Core will be an arcade action game heavily inspired by the classic Snake. However, it won’t be any ordinary Snake clone. Rather it will be set in an inter-galactic war and you’ll control a line of soldiers. But the cosmetics aren’t the only things Orangepixel will be shaking up.

Where will we find it?

Orangepixel are looking for a computer release, no consoles have been announced as of yet. However, they are working on Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility. So you’ll still have some level of options. And as always they haven’t ruled out console ports if demand is high enough. Keeping with the original Snake’s legacy on mobile, it also appears that the game is available on iOS and will be coming to Android soon.

When can we get it?

The wait isn’t long now, at the time of writing the game is scheduled for an April release. However, it has been pushed back at least once so it’s best to check the links below for confirmation.

Snake Core gameplay

More info required!

As mentioned above Snake Core is a twist on the classic Snake game. However, instead of an actual Snake, you have a conga line of soldiers. You’ll also have access to at least 9 types of units including standard soldiers, elite units, jeeps and Gundam like mechs (kind of like Metal Unit in only the fact they both have piloted mechs). Also distinguishing itself from the original Snake and other Snake clones is the end game. The goal in Snake Core is to get to and ultimately defeat the Alien Overlord. But it’s not a simple mission 1, 2, 3, etc. format. The map screen is actually randomized nodes that all eventually link to the final boss node. But this means your route is not predetermined, and each node will be its own mission.

In addition to the random node map, the game will also have upgrades for your units. As you play and win you will collect credits that can be used to upgrade your unit types or recruit new types for your army. Why your army is constantly moving forward in single row formation I can’t say at this stage. And it may not be addressed in the game at all. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter because the game looks like a lot of fun.

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

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