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Totally Reliable Delivery Service, is an interesting sandbox/delivery game. Developed by We’re Five Games (fitting name) and published by tinyBuild. TinyBuild for those who don’t know are the publishers behind plenty of games like ClusterTruck. And are also publishing the upcoming Rawmen with a similar cartoony feel. And also Hellpoint which couldn’t be much further from the style.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service gameplay

Story 3/5

Much like Tools Up! there’s no real story to Totally Reliable Delivery Service. It’s more of a loose concept. Which is that you are a delivery person hired to the titular delivery company. So naturally, your job is to deliver objects from place to place. Fairly solid concept for a game really. Where it really becomes fun though is the open-world sandbox setting. Areas are split up over a series of islands each with their own sort of feel and theme. So you can build loose stories around the areas. And then the deliveries you have to perform can add to the stories as well. For instance, at the bottom of the mountain, there is a food delivery you need to perform to the ski lodge at the top.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service gameplay

Graphics 4/5

Again there is a really strong Tools Up! vibe to the art of the game. The characters look kind of like a weird mix of muppets and clay dolls. Both the characters and the world though are very bright and full of life. The world as mentioned above is quite large and packed with a lot of features. There are vehicles, mountains, beaches, animals and so much more. It’s actually pretty crazy how much stuff is packed into the world. And the draw distance is also pretty amazing. From almost anywhere on the map you can look out and see the silhouettes of the mountains in the distance. The bridges linking some of the islands and more. You can also dress up your character and customize them a little. More items are unlocked as you gain trophies.

Some things are rough around the edges, especially the vehicles which have a low-poly texture to them. Similar to Dreamo at times. However, even with the low-poly objects everything still looks bright and fun enough to remain visually pleasing.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service gameplay

Sound 4/5

Much like the visuals, Totally Reliable Delivery Service has bright and happy music. There are a number of different tunes that play as you explore and try to make deliveries. There are probably even more that I didn’t get to hear too. But the ones I did hear really set the mood for a wacky fun adventure. Most of the music seems to be pretty minimal and simple synthesizer music with a backing drumbeat. Like the kind of drumbeat, you’d find on the synthesizer itself. But again it works quite well at setting the mood for the game. In particular, you have the little victory theme for a delivery well done. It’s short, to the point and makes you feel good about getting it done.

Sound-effects are also present and pretty solid. Most noticeable are things like vehicle engines. And of course explosions. But overall the sound design is solid and does what it needs to do.

No voice acting, but it doesn’t really need it. After all the cartoony nature of the characters fits the silence pretty well.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service gameplay

Gameplay 4/5

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is an interesting mix of ideas. It feels like if Human Fall Flat had a baby with the 3D GTA games and then trained the baby to be a delivery driver. So firstly, the game is set in an open-world which means you are free to explore and accept deliveries at your leisure. Hence the GTA comparison. However, there is no story mode to speak of. Each area will tell you how many trophies there are to obtain (which corresponds to deliveries you can perform). But it’s up to you on the order, so you don’t need to complete an area to try a delivery from another one.

There are two main ways the deliveries are graded, either time or package integrity. At least with the deliveries, I attempted. Time ones as you may expect give you a timer which drops the trophy rank as it rises so you’ll need to be quick to get the gold. Package integrity deliveries are similar however rather than being timed they are based on how the box is treated. So if you drop or hit things with it then it will drop the percentage and your trophy grade with it.

Control in the game is where the Human Fall Flat comparison really comes in. Your character controls very loosely as if he is walking on ice. Jumping is a mixed bag as you never really know where they will go. You control the character’s arms separately and essentially stick them to objects. Another button raises your arms.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service gameplay

Frustration or Funstration?

Sounds simple enough right? Walk, run, jump, grab items, hold items up, activate switches and levers to control elevators and vehicles. But, so much of the game is trying to do fiddly things like trying to grab a switch when an item is nearby or the other way around. Accidentally putting both hands on an item when you want to activate an elevator with the other. Trying to jump on something right in front of you but you launch in the opposite direction. Depending on what kind of gamer you are this game is either going to be incredibly frustrating or hilarious fun. The problem is that I can’t really tell which one it is for me. The free roam exploration is definitely fun and trying to reach places just to get to them. But there is fun to be had actually making the deliveries too, just more of a tension-filled version.

One thing that absolutely raises the game to absurdly fun levels is playing with friends. You can play with up to 4 delivery drivers and it opens up a whole world of options. For instance, in free roam, there are some carnival rides, including a Ferris wheel. As a single-player, it’s difficult to use and you can’t really turn it up to max speed and effectively use it. But with a group of friends, you can position yourself on it and have a friend speed it up. Or speed it up while your friends ride. It also gives you more delivery options too as your friend can hold the package and the car while you drive (or vice versa). Essentially, bring friends to maximize the fun.

TRDS splitscreen multiplayer


We’re Five Games have done a pretty great job with their game. The world is wonderful and packed with fun things to do. There are actual goals so it’s not just a sandbox game for those who like to achieve things. And multiplayer is an absolute hoot. So whether you’re looking for a silly game to waste some time with some friends. Or you’re a speed-freak wanting to deliver the items as fast as possible and grab all the trophies. There is fun to be had in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. It might not be the most visually stunning game, or have an emotionally resonating story, it might not have crisp responsive controls. But when it comes to being fun, it’s totally reliable.

In Coffee Terms Muggy

In Coffee Terms

The game in coffee terms is basically like a sweet syrupy coffee. It has a whole bunch of sweet flavors that might make you sick if you drink too much. But it’s more about the environment than the actual drink. Sit down with friends and you’re bound to enjoy every sip.

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