Indie Gaming Podcasts You Should Check Out

Indie Gaming Podcasts

Within a sea of indie gaming podcasts to check out, it’s hard for the small guys to pick up steam, when shows (albeit great) like Kinda Funny Games Daily and Giant Bombcast grab many of the listenership. I’d like you to dive a bit further and check out some other great podcasts that don’t get the credit they deserve. To give more clarity, two out of three of these are from the same network of my podcast Active Quest, the Handsome Phantom Video Game Podcast Network, but I wholeheartedly recommend all of these shows.

Indie Pod

To be completely upfront, the hosts of this show are friends of mine and I have been a guest before multiple times, but I initially found them through listening to their hilarious but insightful analysis of the indie game scene. I instantly took to their crude sense of humor, but as you go further into the show, they have delightfully thoughtful looks into indie games you may never have heard about before. They dive into the news not a lot of publishers cover and highlight a KickStarter campaign every week for better or for worse.

Digital Days Gaming

Formerly of PS Nation, Michael Cwick and Dave Hunt discuss the latest in gaming with engaging conversations around the latest news and new releases. There’s also the occasional developer interview. They’re very knowledgable on the goings on, and it’s always a good listen when I decide to download an episode from them. They just had a guest from the Spawn On Me Podcast, Kahlief Adams in a recent episode!

The Life & Times of Video Games

You’d be hard-pressed to find a gaming podcast that’s as well produced as this. The Life & Times of Video Games from journalist Richard Moss is a documentary series that chronicles franchises and time periods from the video game industry, with interviews and researched elements. The result? Captivating stories about the unique development process of the original Tomb Raider, games that were targeted towards girls, and the fall of a football management simulator series.

Are there any indie gaming podcasts you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below. If I could be bold, I’d also like you to check out my podcast Active Quest. We have plenty of hilarious banter, and we report on the latest news with out-of-the-box takes. I hope you can check it out! You can also read my interview with Mane6 on Them’s Fightin’ Herds here.

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