Top 6 Indie Games out on Switch this week!

6- Moving out, SMG Studio

I have been following this game for AGES! I first saw it in some cute gifs on twitter which reminded me of Ghost Town Game’s Overcooked. It’s even published by Overcooked Publisher, Team17! Think Overcooked but with moving furniture. Specifically, you’re a new technician at Smooth Moves, and from what I can see in the trailer will be irresponsibly responsible for lugging furniture out of people’s houses and into movers trucks.

It’s heavily physics-based in a way that reminds me of the hilarious Human: Fall Flat or Totally Reliable Delivery Service and builds on the Overcooked theme by including couch co-op as well as character customization options.

As the game progresses the levels expand further and further on the original gameplay mechanic. If it turns out half as fun as it looks in the trailer this one will surely be one to pick up from today on the Nintendo Switch at £19.99 or $24.99.

US eShop:
UK eShop:

5- Dread Nautical, Zen Studios

“Your cruise was so relaxing until monsters from another dimension showed up to kill everyone.” is the tagline for this horror turn-based RPG set aboard a ship.

The visuals of the game which includes 20 “decks” or levels remind me very much of last year’s beloved title Luigi’s Mansion. While I can’t quite place the UI but for some reason, I’m getting Borderlands feels.

The gameplay involves managing your resources effectively and building and maintaining your team of 4 NPCs you meet along the way. During the actual battles, you’ll have to think several steps ahead in order to preserve your limited supply of action points.

It looks like it stands to be a lot of fun to tackle this title when it launches tomorrow on the 29th of April for £17.99 or $19.99.

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4- Levelhead, Butterscotch Shenanigans

For those of us who NEED more Super Mario Maker 2 or simply if you need an alternative that’s three times cheaper, Levelhead might just be the game for you.

The story is essentially Futurama in that you are part of a futuristic galactic shipping service. The difference is that you are a technician who is in charge of building simulations to test the delivery crew.

Similarly to SMM2, you can spend hours creating levels from 100+ items including bosses and flame balls. Once complete you can play them for yourself or share them with the world and start to build a following.

It also includes up to 4 player couch coop and the choice to create your level exclusively for multiple players which is an interesting feature.

What makes it even more awesome is that it’s cross-play across mobile, Steam & Epic on PC, Xbox, and of course Switch.

You can pick it up for £15.49 or $19.99 from the 30th of this month on the eShop at the links below.

US eShop:
UK eShop:

3- Ministry of Broadcast, Ministry of Broadcast Studios

This game has been highly acclaimed by some of the biggest voices in games journalism and there’s a reason why. Its story shines out as just such a unique idea. While many games settle for iterations on the Princess being saved from a castle Ministry of Broadcast’s story is an incredibly intriguing take on George Orwell’s classic book 1984.

A wall appears seemingly overnight in the land of a cruel dictator. You are separated from your family by this wall and since it’s the only way to cross decide to participate in a reality TV show hosted by the regime.

The pixel art style, as well as the dark 1984 vibe, instantly reminds me of PanicBarn’s 2018 title Not Tonight. Meanwhile, the parkour elements give me a slight My Friend Pedro vibe.

The gameplay revolves around solving puzzles by interacting with the environment; jumping to pull levers and the like. The game even lets you sacrifice NPC’s to cross particularly spiky pits.

This singleplayer title, published by Hitcents, arrives on Switch on April 30th like a lot of games on this list and is priced at £13.49 or $14.99.

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UK eShop:

2- Pocket Arcade Story, Kairosoft

This game approaches the meta-level of game dev simulator game dev tycoon but instead of making games, you’re making arcades!

The pixel art visuals are looking extremely funky and colourful. The character designs are extremely cute and remind me of Fruktorum’s upcoming indie title Football Story.

The gameplay revolves around decking out your arcade, building a loyal customer base, and hosting tournaments. You can add many types of machines from dance to racing games, photo booths, and food stands.

This 193 MB game file arrives on switch on April 30th for just £11.69 or $14.00.

US eShop:
UK eShop:

Top 6 indie games on switch Pocket Arcade Story

1- Mushroom Heroes, Delores Ent.

Mushroom Heroes is a retro puzzle platformer inspired by 16-bit classics. This inspiration is also a curse however; Making a puzzle platformer can be dangerous in the indie scene because of just how many good ones there are already.

That said, Mushroom Heroes which arrives on Switch on the 30th, (WHY IS THAT DATE SO POPULAR?!), looks like it has a chance because of a really nifty game mechanic it’s using. In this singleplayer title, you have 3 characters in your crew which you must utilise simultaneously. Jumpi, Yuppi & Dombi have the perks of jumping higher, killing enemies & blocking projectiles respectively.

The visuals are definitely inspired by 90s SMB and Zelda and the developer doesn’t try to hide it.

There are dozens of original puzzles to be solved across 38 tricky levels and at only £4.40 or $4.19 (20% off pre-purchase sale) this one looks like a title I think I’ll be picking up for myself.

US eShop:
UK eShop:

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