10 Top Indie Game Trailers (May 2020)

What makes a good trailer? Is it showcasing an epic story? Or maybe a focus on gameplay? Maybe a well-made animation? There’s no real formula for making an amazing trailer for your game. But there are plenty of successful trailers to use as a reference. However, what works for one game may not work for another. That’s why we have so many varied trailers for the varied games we enjoy. And with that, we’re going to take a look at some of the best trailers for this month so far. Here are our 10 top indie game trailers for May.


Starting things off on our list of 10 top indie game trailers. We have Arboria. Ok so the trailer was actually made in April but the game is scheduled for release this month. This trailer depicts some quick cuts of gameplay (combat mainly) with a funky beat over the top. Overall it works quite well as a follow up to their 2019 trailer which provides an overview of the game’s story. Keep an eye out for a full review on this game coming soon.

Starstruck Prologue

This one is a little weird because I could only find the trailer on a seemingly unrelated channel. It also surprisingly had no views. This is surprising to me purely because it seems like such a cute and fun game. As the trailer shows it seems to be a mix between Guitar Hero rhythm games and puzzle games with a distinct Japanese leaning like the Katamari games. However, the puzzle aspects aren’t anything like that franchise they just carry a similarly eclectic style.

Thy Sword

Another interesting addition to this list. But this time it’s because it’s for a game that we covered quite a while ago (December 30th, 2018 to be specific). So why is there a new launch trailer out now? Well, it seems the game is making its way over to consoles now. The retro-inspired gameplay in this trailer is overlayed with rhyming prose that really fits the style of the game quite well.

Island Saver

A very cute addition to this list. The trailer for Island Saver showcases just how bright and lovely the game will be. I get a lot of Slime Rancher vibes from the trailer, which is a good thing considering how cute and fun that game is. You have to save Bankimals and the trailer shows a PIN being input to access your bank. This seems sort of odd until you factor in the publishers of the game are National Westminster Bank. What a world we live in.

Ion Fury

Sharing a few similarities with the above titles this trailer technically dropped at the end of April but it was so close to the end. It’s also another game that came out a while ago but is now launching on consoles. This time though it’s Ion Fury a throwback to the classic original DOOM format. And the trailer is full of pumping techno and constant action so you can get pumped too.

Someday You’ll Return

Someday You’ll Return is a dark and mysterious game with more than a few shades of Through the Woods and Unforgiving. However, the game really feels like its own thing as well. And this trailer does a great job of sharing its atmosphere. With a haunting melody played over alternating bizarre and beautiful imagery, it’s easy to get excited about this journey. Perhaps a full review for this game may be required?

Man Eater

Ok so it’s really hard to find these trailers. Once again we have one that came out at the tail end of last month for a game releasing this month. And yes again it’s for the console launch. But I’m trying my best and this trailer is too good not to mention. Showcasing the impressive graphics of the game and using a somewhat humorous voice-over that sounds suspiciously like Chris Parnell (Jerry from Rick and Morty). Life may not be a beach but it might still be infested with sharks.

Before We Leave

Thankfully, Before We Leave actually matches the criteria for this list. Well, maybe not the indie side so much but again this is super hard. With a trailer showcasing the art style and gameplay primarily. This one is sure to pique the interest of anyone who has spent a lot of time on city-building games.

Spirit of the North

Spirit of the North is yet another adventure game following an animal. And yet again, it looks amazing. The trailer shows just how beautiful it looks, but not only that, it also looks to have a lot of interesting puzzles to solve and even some platforming challenges. As this trailer is just for the Nintendo Switch launch it doesn’t share all that much but it does pique the interest for sure.

Golf With Your Friends

And to round out the list of 10 top indie game trailers. We have Golf With Your Friends another game that has been out on the PC for quite a while. But it’s moving across to the world of consoles now. And this trailer proves that your game doesn’t have to be the best looking, and your trailer doesn’t need to be super cinematic either. Not when you have fun gameplay to showcase. Showing off a few of the crazy maps, ball customizations, and power-ups. This one looks like a winner, especially if you’ve played it on PC already (full disclosure I have not).

And there we have it, our list is complete. We did our best to bring you a list with some fun game trailers to check out. Let us know in the comments if you have any other ones that you enjoyed.

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