4 Upcoming Indie Video Game Movies

Oh, video game movies: at most, they’re okay, generally kind of horrible and very rarely they’re amazing. However, there are a few indie video game movies that do have some potential in the works. Here are a few below.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

After its incredibly successful run of out of the blue releases of horror games and merchandise, the film rights of Five Nights at Freddy’s were picked up by Warner Bros in 2015 and would be made by famous horror studio Blumhouse. However, the development of the script has been quite shaky. Jason Blum and attached director Chris Columbus sent a finished script to the game’s creator Scott Cawthon for approval but was rejected. Cawthon said that he has a certain vision for it and will connect to the universe of the first three games, in 2018. It’s been a while, but Blum has said on Twitter recently that it’s still happening.


It hasn’t been canceled, but this 2016 compelling walking experience from Campo Santo is planned to have a movie from Good Universe. We’ve heard nothing since its announcement. It would definitely make for a great adaptation as it has an engrossing narrative, tension, and nuanced characters. I could see them filming in the wilderness with little to no cost for the budget. Good Universe has made Good Boys, The Disaster Artist, and The Night Before, to name just a few. I have attempted to contact Jake Rodkin, the founder of Campo Santo, and now, developer at Valve. However, we have not heard back from him at this stage. But maybe a future interview might be in the cards.

Layers of Fear

Not much information about the film is out yet, but this Bloober Team developed horror game is planned to have an adaptation by a production company called Project Nerd Boss. I guess we’re waiting to hear if it will get picked up by a big studio. It might be good for a low-budget horror production, which could net a studio a hefty profit. Especially after Velvet Buzzsaw another art-themed horror movie performed adequately with no core fanbase.

Dragon’s Lair

Netflix is reportedly making a Dragon’s Lair movie with Ryan Reynolds starring as Dirk the Daring in the lead and producing. This originally animated arcade game will be adapted by Dan and Kevin Hageman, who are known for their work on The Lego Movie. As a result, we’ll likely have a light-hearted adventure with many of Reynold’s famous quips. There is no date set for this one yet.

Which indie video game movies are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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