Relic Hunters Legend, Cartoon Network Meets Destiny – Still Brewing

Indies have really stepped up, and Relic Hunters Legend is a showcase of that so far. I was able to play an early build of the game and enjoyed my time with it. The lore is fascinating from the brief 1-2 hour glimpse I’ve experienced, and the art style looks like it’s straight from a Cartoon Network show! Let’s dive into Relic Hunters Legend.

When you first boot up the game, you are introduced to a technological white space, and a voice asks you questions. First, what gender you are, which is standard in any game, but then it takes you through a personality test. From there, you are designated a sign, similar to a Zodiac sign. I was given the Planet sign for being shy. serious, and preferring to work by myself. It will be interesting to see how this is worked into the future of the game, if at all.

And then, it throws you in on a pursuit to save time itself by finding the seven relics of the world. The characters you meet throughout the journey are spunky, have great voice acting, and carry on the storytelling forward. You can tell there’s a production value as the characters’ voices have been well-cast, drive the personalities forward, and sound professional.

Relic Hunters Legend is a looter shooter, but with a top-down twin-stick twist. It has the option of one stick too. The guns feel satisfying to shoot, the gameplay feels responsive, and I saw quite a bit of variety from the little I’ve seen so far. Now you might be asking yourself then…why are you comparing this to Destiny? Weapons drop from enemies you take down, the inventory system is the spitting image of Destiny, and the mission structure is uncanny. You fight through an area of monsters to reach a specific point, and then in another instance, you’re protecting points on the map as waves come in. It also features four-player co-op online, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to match up with anyone.

But to be honest, this game carries the same albatross as Destiny in some ways too. The enemies get kinda repetitive after a while, but as this is early, the developer has said that many more will be included in the full game. As it is expected to have over 500 hours worth of content, I certainly hope so!

The overall game is very enjoyable. Like I said before, the weapons are fun to use, and there are several platforming segments I hope receive further development down the line.

You also have multiple powers that you gain that can make a difference in battle. There’s a super dash to outmaneuver enemies, a grenade-like power, and traps you can use, but I assume there will be many more as you progress. I really like the bosses too, as you’re forced to take a different strategy than just running and shooting. There’s a lot of potential here. My one caveat to the gameplay is that I think it’s too forgiving with its checkpoints; I can spawn as soon as I die pretty much rather than getting a game over screen or rebooting to the last checkpoint made.

I had a few technical issues that I hope get sorted out before its full release. The game stuttered for the majority of my playthrough of this early content. I was running at over 60 frames, and then suddenly it drops randomly to 30 or below every five seconds. This occurred during battles with many characters on screen. However, my computer reaches the settings required to run the game and they’ve said that the game will run on “potato machines.” Remember, this is an early build!

The visuals are impressive. It blends the 2D and 3D elements in a stunning way. It has a wonderful cartoon look to its characters and landscapes. There are some unexpected visual effects attached to gunfire, attacks, and your powers, which add that sense of power one looks for in a looter shooter. Puffs of smoke, for example, have that cartoony flair that I absolutely adore. I also love the detail of the bullets from your gun hitting the floor. Nice touch.

What doesn’t compliment the visuals very well is the music. I can get down to some electronic music, but at points of the songs, it just sounded like noise and a blend of three tunes mashed together. The general melodies lay the foundation of great bangers, but I hope the composer of the game can calm it down with the beats so I can enjoy what’s being brought to the table.

Relic Hunters Legend is definitely a game I’m keeping my eyes on for the next few years. It will be hitting Early Access sometime in Q3 2020 for those who want to buy access as a Founder. When it will come out of Early Access, it will be a free-to-play title! Thanks to Rogue Snail for giving me a sneak peek of the game! I can’t wait to play more of it.

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