6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects (May 2020)

We’ve covered Kickstarter projects before including Sea of Stars, Sword of the Necromancer, and more. But there are always a ton more games looking for funding on the platform. And so we decided to highlight a few of the best we can find each month. The number of games we feature on these lists may change but the quality of the games will be the focus. Without further ado, here are 6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects for the month of May.

Vernal Edge

6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects Vernal Edge

Starting our list of 6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects we have Vernal Edge. This project launched by Matthew Martinez is a Metroidvania of sorts. Also known as an action-platformer. Vernal Edge has a focus on combat, especially aerial juggling, and is heavily inspired in that aspect by the Devil May Cry franchise. The game also uses an interesting “Poise” system for combat where an enemy must be removed of its poise before you can juggle them. Vernal Edge also boasts a stylish pixel art graphics style and a strong character design.

Pledges on this one range from $5 just because you believe in the game. To $20 digital copy and your name in the credits. And all the way up to $1000 design a boss (plus all earlier perks), there are only 3 spots on the boss design tier and one of them has already been taken which bodes well for the game.

The campaign runs until Fri, June 19 2020 5:57 AM AEST.

Vernal Edge Combat system

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Infinitum – The Discovery

6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects Infinitum - The Discovery

Next up on our list of 6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects we have Infinitum – The Discovery. This game is an exploration game launched by QU Software. Based on the screenshots and information they have revealed so far it almost looks like a more realistic Journey. There will be naturally a lot of exploration of course, as well as puzzle-solving. They have also promised a range of abilities and vehicles. As well as a stress-free experience that focuses on the exploration and puzzle aspects over combat and survival. And the developers have advised an estimated 20-hours of playtime over 40k

Pledges on this game range from a $10 get your name on the hall of heroes. To a $20 early-bird digital copy of the game. All the way up to a $5000 Executive Producer credit as well as 5 copies of the game and more perks.

The campaign runs until Wed, June 24 2020 5:47 AM AEST.

Infinitum - The Discovery Gameplay

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Clunky Hero

6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects Clunky Hero

A project launched by Nicola Piovesan an Italian born filmmaker who now creates games in Estonia. Clunky Hero is another Metroidvania or action-platformer to add to the list. The genre has quite a lot of strong entries but there still seems to be plenty of demand for more. The developer describes his project as a combination of Hollow Knight and the Munchkin card games in terms of style and humor. The main character, our titular Clunky Hero looks like he has a bucket on his head. And the reason for that is that he indeed has a makeshift helmet formed of a bucket. He also wields a broom as a weapon but the game will have a number of different weapons to try out including a golden hoe, a mammoth’s shinbone, and the more standard priest’s staff.

This exciting journey where Rufus (the Knight) attempts to rescue his wife Brunhilde contains a number of pledge tiers. 5 Euros will get your name in the credits. 10 Euros will net you a downloadable copy of the game. All the way up to 5000 Euros which grants you the rank of Co-Producer, your name or logo in the opening credits, and all prior rewards including 20 copies of the game!

The campaign runs until Tue, June 16 2020 2:59 AM AEST.

Clunky Hero Gameplay

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6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects ENEFN

Next up on our list of 6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects we have ENEFN. Launched by Lucas Vilela and developed by Theago Liddell. ENEFN is set to be a spooky 2D horror game. There’s not an abundance of information at the moment. But the project does note a stealth mechanic to hide from enemies so there will likely be some jump scares and a lot of high-tension scenes. The game is set in a school, which in itself might scare some people. Especially if you’ve played DreadOut, Detention or forgot to study for an important test. The developers are trying to work on iOS, Android, Steam and DRM-Free versions of the game so if they are successful you’ll have a few options to try.

A $1 pledge on this one will get you a thank-you and a PC/Mobile wallpaper pack. $10 gets you a digital copy and your name in the credits. And the highest pledge tier $200 gets you a role in the game as a chained up student in a hidden room and a line of up to 144 appropriate characters. As well as the previous tier rewards including 5 digital copies.

The campaign goes until Sat, July 18 2020 9:56 PM AEST.

ENEFN Gameplay

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Lords of Exile

6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects Lords of Exile

You may have noticed that this list of 7 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects so far is half Metroidvania games. Well, the balance is being tipped again with Carlos Zamora Azuaga’s Lords of Exile. Carlos has been a solo game developer for over a decade now and this latest project feels even older than that. But by older I don’t mean archaic, I mean retro, the good version of old. While most Metroidvania’s sort of flirt with both Metroid and Castlevania aspects (hence the portmanteau genre name). Lords of Exile is completely geared toward a Castlevania style. Much like the well-received Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. Lords of Exile looks like it could be another unofficial sequel to the original Castlevania franchise (before they started moving to 3D).

For 13 or more Euros you can get the early-bird digital copy of the game (limited to 200 and almost half of these have been taken). 15 or more Euros will also net you the game and thanks in the credits as a non-limited price. Interestingly 7 backers have chosen the more expensive retail version over the limited early-bird likely because they want Carlos to have the money to complete it. A whopping 8500 Euro’s will get you the Master of the Shadows pack which will see you alone credited as Master of the Shadows in the credits, as well as the chance to play the game before anybody else (barring testing by Carlos himself likely) and free access to all future Squidbit games.

The campaign runs until Thu, June 18 2020 10:59 PM AEST.

Lords of Exile Gameplay

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The Last Faith

6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects The Last Faith

The last game on our list of 6 Top Indie Kickstarter Projects is coincidentally called The Last Faith. It is coincidentally also a Metroidvania that leans toward the Castlevania side of things. So there goes the balance completely now. 4 out of 6 are Metroidvania’s but they all look really good in their own ways. This project was launched by a small team formed by two brothers Duilio and Riccardo Guglielmino. Both of them have years of experience in the industry (8 and 10 years respectively). And they have at least 6 other industry veterans collaborating on aspects of the project. As a Metroidvania, you can expect a non-linear level design, secrets, that famous room based map, and more. You’ll also get a variety of abilities and weapons, including melee, ranged, and magic for weapons. And jumping, wall-jumping, climbing, dashes, and even three kinds of dodges for abilities.

The supporter tier for 4 or more pounds gains you their thanks and updates on the project. 22 pounds will get you access to a digital copy of the game when it is ready (on Steam or console of your choice as they are attempting to release the game for all major consoles). And for 3200 pounds you can even develop a playable hero for the game with the developers.

The campaign will run until Sat, June 20 2020 12:01 AM AEST.

The Last Faith gameplay

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And that’s it for this month’s list. Naturally there are a bunch of other games pending on the site but we think these are some of the most interesting ones. Join us again in June for the next batch of Kickstarter games worth taking a serious look at.

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