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Omno gameplay

What do we know so far?

Who are behind Omno?

Omno is a labor of love developed by Jonas Manke by himself working on the game for 5 years now. However, Jonas is not completely new to the industry having worked as an animator for both film and games. StudioInkyfox will be handling publishing of the game. StudioInkyfox have no prior releases listed on Steam, and after a little searching, I managed to confirm that it was founded by Jonas Manke himself. However, outside of publishing Omno the Studio will be a collective producing animation for film and games as well.

What kind of game will it be?

Based on the information so far it appears the game will be a puzzle-adventure game. With some exploration and platforming elements thrown in. It seems like it will be in a similar vein to RIME with a touch of Effie thrown in.

Where will we find it?

The game is scheduled for release on PC (Steam), and thanks to the successful funding on Kickstarter Jonas has confirmed intentions to port the game over to major consoles after the release. All three major consoles (PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One) have been mentioned.

When can we get it?

The original schedule was late 2019, however, since the scope of the game had increased and various events have changed the landscape especially for a solo developer with a family (Jonas is a father of 3), the release has been pushed back to 2020. However, no month has been listed, so we’ll need to wait patiently for updates. But a playable demo was made available at one point indicated significant progress has been made in the development.

Omno gameplay

More info required!

The adventure in Omno will take the player through all sorts of different locales. A lot of the genre staples make appearances, from forests to deserts, to a frozen tundra. But, there is an otherworldly nature to Omno that really sets it apart from other examples of the genre. The game will also include a host of characters including crabs, turtles and possibly even a friendly dinosaur that you can ride. Those are just a few of the many animal species that will appear in the final product. Some of which don’t even appear to have real-world analogs.

The actual storyline of the game is still somewhat vague and mysterious. However, it has been revealed that it will revolve around the discovery and exploration of an ancient world, or possibly multiple ancient worlds. Why you are exploring these worlds is a mystery. But one of the main aspects of the character design is a magical staff that is used for all sorts of puzzle-solving and traversal methods. You’ll be able to use it to dash to certain areas, glide through the skies, ride it almost like a hoverboard like in Gori, or the aforementioned Effie, and more.

Despite the solo nature of the development, Jonas has worked with a composer on music for the trailer. And has mentioned his intention to continue their collaboration. Based on the epic nature of the trailer this collaboration should prove to be very fruitful.

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

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