Hi! I’m Will, chief editor at Sip Read Repeat, here to tell you a little bit about the site. Sip Read Repeat is a coffee themed gaming and tech news site. We pride ourselves on our interviews, reviews and discussion articles covering topics from Space to games. We have 3 rules: Quality, Inclusivity and Coffee.

We keep the quality high even on late, coffee fueled nights. We keep make sure the images are high-def, the coffee beans fresh and we aim to make sure the writing continues to find the balance between being interesting and entertaining. In addition, while we need ads to survive, we make sure they are reader-friendly ads- that means no auto-playing videos or ads that follow you down the page.



“Getting every developers story helps us mutually, more developers sharing our articles means more readers.”

Inclusion is another big part of what makes Sip Read Repeat; We aim to be the news site that doesn’t forget about the smaller developers so if you want us to review your game or interview you, even if you’re still in early development or just starting out email us

Here at Sip Read Repeat we’re all fans of coffee and that’s why we made Sipreadrepeat.com so we can read something while we sip. 

“Here’s to the trouble-makers.”

                                                              -Steve Jobs